WONFOURN is coming to STEAM VR on November 15, 2017.   ARE YOU READY?

One Medieval World, Six Great Nations

Wonfourn challenges you to fulfill your destiny by embarking on a grand adventure seeking fame, fortune and glory. The firstborn chosen child from each of the games 6 nations have come of age and must prove their worth in an epic quest of survival. Set sail and explore 36 islands, each with its own challenges and surprises. Protect your kingdom with your life! Master the trades of archery, sword fighting and jousting in glorious VR. Trade goods between islands, discover and exploit trading routes, and watch out for bands of pirates seeking your loot. Control the battle from the deck of your ship and feel the canons roar as you sink your opponent. Cross the ocean seeking rumored riches and spend your fortune on weaponry needed for battle. Defeat is not an option!

Key Features

- 36 islands to explore
- 6 nations to play
- Exciting quests
- Merchant trading
- Pirates and sea battles
- Jousting, sword fighting and archery
- Blacksmith's Forge

Come and fulfill your destiny in this glorious VR world





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